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About Lotties Lovely Designs

I'm Carrie & after having our daughter Charlotte (Lottie) in April 2010 & returning to work as a check in agent at a local airport which involved 4am starts I wanted to look for other things which meant I wasn't having to send Charlotte to stay with my parents over night just so I could go to work.


After marrying Sean is Sept 2011 I received so many compliments about the invites & stationary I had made for our wedding day & how "crafty" I was that I thought maybe this would be my chance to look at making more craft items.

Me latest

I took myself off to the local craft shop and bought some supplies.

I started making a few gifts for friends that had babies and my sister in law who was expecting a baby was made a countdown plaque. The response was amazing soon after Lotties Lovely Designs was born.

Since setting up the business our family has grown and in November 2012 our son Jaxon was born


I have been in business for 3 years now mainly opperating through Facebook & though this website I'd like to evetually start selling ready made items at local craft fairs

Carrie Brennan